Management Consulting - For Profit Organizations

At Padilla & Company, LLP, we understand the complexity of running a small business. We work closely with our clients to analyze their methodology, productivity and technology to minimize costs and increase efficiency and performance.

Our management consulting services include budgeting, financial analysis, cash flow and break-even point analysis, systems analysis and its redesign, and operational control review and its cost benefit. We prepare market feasibility studies and business plans. We also conduct management training and seminars.

We assist in minority and women owned business certification in various State and City agencies and in the application for 8(A) status with the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA). Likewise, we render services in applying the U.S. SBA 8(A) Transitional Analysis to enable these business to become competitive in their respective markets.

Padilla & Company, LLP also assists clients through loan packaging, incorporation of their starting businesses and the installation of accounting systems.


Management Consulting - For Not-for-Profit Organizations

Padilla and Company, LLP assists starting not-for-profit organizations in incorporationand registration with the State Charities Bureau and obtaining tax exempt status under 501(c)(3) of the U.S. tax code.

Our management consulting services include design and installation of accounting, budgeting and payroll systems, preparation of grant proposals, development of policies, procedures and operational processes and subsequent staff training, contract management, financial recordkeeping and reporting and third party billing.

We also assist the not-for-profit organizations in ensuring compliance with laws and regulations, such as the preparation of income tax returns, payroll tax returns, as well as, the preparation of review or audit reports as may be required.



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